John Scerri
An artist's virtual voyage in acrylics.

Originally from Malta with a profession of cabinet maker and woodwork teacher, John is a self-taught artist and loves to paint historic scenes from his country of origin and also local.

He draws inspiration from his own photos to reproduce realistic art in acrylics, many times enhancing the scene with additions from his own experience. He uses stretched canvas or linen of different sizes as support and sometimes also paints on board or wood panels.

A member of Visual Arts Mississauga and Mississauga Art Society, he exhibits his art with groups and also solo at the Visual Arts studios, the Credit Valley Hospital and for the last five years running he has also presented a booth with his art at the Maltese pavilion of Carassauga.

Recently he took up the position of volunteer coordinator of artists hanging their work at the Second Cup on Living Arts Drive Mississauga.

Nowadays his artwork can be found in homes and establishments in Canada, Malta, Switzerland, Australia, USA and Sweden .